Welcome to the innovative world of the external guitar pickup. HandHeldHero is a hand-held pickup outside the guitar body. The principle is simple: instead if one, two or three stationary pickups, fixed on the surface of each electric guitar you maintain, you just need one HandHeldHero to do all the work. This single pickup-in-motion provides you an amazing variety of combinations in tone and volume to create your own music.

Dutch design
HandHeldHero, a revolutionary simple, Dutch design innovation that liberates the motionless fixed pickups from behind the strings to give you totally control on tone and volume while you are playing the guitar. The small unit placed in the palm of your hand and the pick as preferred between the fingers. Suitable for acoustic and electric guitars, with or without traditional electronics.

Maximal freedom
The guitar is not electric anymore: you are the electric guitarist! The HandHeldHero is a totally unique guitar concept. This will turn the evolution of the electric guitar upside down. It's not a fixed pickup like the old-skool pickups which have to be controlled by volume and tone controls and a selector switch. The HandHeldHero does its work above the strings, directly controlled by your guitar playing hand to produce the sound and volume as you lead up to. Pickup liberation means maximal freedom for all guitar players. The HandHeldHero is held in place to the ball of the thumb by Velcro hook-and-loop fasteners, giving your fingers the opportunity to pick, pluck, twang or thrum the strings as you like.

The location of the HHH pickup will affect the tone as well as the overall volume. When the HHH is very close to a bridge, brass tones are greatly reduced. Closer to the fretboard will give a fuller, less treble sound. You even can angle the HHH so that the treble sound is closer to the bridge as the treble side and the bass into the direction of the fretboard.

Upside down
A new challenge for the veteran guitarist. A new dimension into guitar playing. The HandHeldHero lets you play as usual, but gives the dimension of influence the tone and volume directly while you are playing. Fade in or fade out through moving the pickup closer to the strings or remove it from there. Run the HandHeldHero across the strings from neck trough bridge to change the tone and character. Playing the HandHeldHero over a stationary pickup will influence the resonance and can cause the crisp sound of super hot pickups. Moving away from the pickup to the neck gives you the mellow sound of a hollow body electric. The sounds you discover by experimenting with the HandHeldHero will amaze you. And the HandHeldHero will sound different for each musician: it makes making music very personal again.

Plug and play
Place the HandHeldHero in the palm of your hand to have complete control over attack, decay and dynamics. This makes the HandHeldHero one of the most useful tools ever designed for guitar, personal enough to reflect your playing style. The rhythm of the hand can cause a beautiful organic tremolo. The attack of the pick can create a percussion as known from Hammond organs. The applications for the HandHeldHero are diverse while you can use all effects and pedals as before.

One size fits all
It's no longer a matter of the limitation of the size and position of the puck-ups on your guitar: it's your own free choice, experience and imagination that limit the sound that your guitar produce. HandHeldHero is to be used with metal strings on the instrument of your choice: guitar, banjo, mandolin, lapsteel, citer, etc. Change guitars in no time. Put the cable trough your sleeve and you can change guitars very fast, even in the middle of a song. Easy assistant for tuning many guitars without changing the cable. One size fits all. including a 3 meter cable with traditional Jack-plug. No batteries required. All the energy you need will be provided by playing the guitar.

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Technical background
The HandHeldHero external guitar pickup is a fairly simple device used in front of the guitar. At the top of the strings on the guitar, the pickup is used to convert the vibrations of the strings into electric signals which are converted to sound via the amplifier. The HHH-pickup is in essence an inductor at low frequencies and as a capacitor at high frequencies. The impedance of the HHH-pickup is frequency dependent, both when it behaves as an inductor and when it behaves as a capacitor. There is copper wire wrapped around the HHH-magnet, with the beginning and end of the wire set up to be the leads of the pickup.

The guitar strings are coils in a magnetic field. When they vibrate, they induce an electromagnetic field in the coils of the string. This electromagnetic field then creates a magnetic dipole in the string. These small vibrating magnetic dipoles then induce an electromagnetic field in the wire wrapped around the HHH-magnet. This electromagnetic field oscillates at the same frequency of the string and therefore carries the vibrational (and thus sound) information of the strings. The HandHeldHero provides the impedance, the real part or resistance of the impedance, the reactance of the impedance, the resonant frequency, the phase angle, the magnitude of the impedance and the power.

Full warranty
HandHeldHero warrants that its products are free from defects in materials and workmanship and will repair or replace any part which under normal use discloses such defects, if the product is returned to HandHeldHero with all shipping charges prepaid and within one year from the day of purchase. This warranty does not extend to any part of our products which have been damaged by misuse, accident, incorrect connection, improper installation, used in violation of the manual, tampered with or altered, or repaired outside of our factory.

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